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Ajarn Chai 2018

It’s Thai Boxing season at PMA with the annual visit by Ajarn Chai Sirisute coming this March!

$110 for 2.5 hours of training with the head of the Thai Boxing Association? That’s a steal.

Ajarn Chai will be at PMA headquarters Friday 16th March, 5.30pm to 8pm.

Harden up! Be There! Book now!

Welcome to PMA

Progressive Martial Arts Academy International has a long and proud history as a school under Guro Dan Inosanto and the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts. We hope our website will help you discover a little about who we are, what we teach, our history, and the qualities that make PMAAI uniquely qualified to enhance and nurture your potential.

As well as decades of experience in teaching martial arts we also have our own on-site, qualified and certified, personal fitness trainer.

To get started you might like to view a brief history on how the Progressive Martial Arts Academy first began.

If you have any questions or would like more information then please send us a message via our Contact Page or visit us on Facebook.

If you want to stop-by you can find our gym via the map below.  We are a brief 5 minutes drive from the Gateway Motorway at the Wynnum/Tingalpa exit.

Note: In 2017 we moved into the old Process Systems warehouse (we were previously in the next unit).


You can ask just about anyone these days if they have heard of Pride or UFC and they will probably have a favorite fighter. You may have even been to a live MMA fight. From seemingly out of nowhere these competitions appeared, and these days MMA fighters are modern-day rock stars. More rock star than actual rock stars! From cable television to Youtube, MMA fighting and fighters have fought their way into the spotlight and have a firm choke-hold on their position in the entertainment industry.

An unaware public initially shunned and tried to resist the uprising of MMA. Considered to be barbaric and brutal ensured that MMA would have a fight on its hands before becoming mainstream; simultaneously gaining a forever-loyal fan-base who appreciated the purity of the almost unrestricted range of fighting techniques being employed by MMA fighters. It was a fight of art against art, technique against technique, and skill versus skill. Like boxing before it, MMA is now a part of popular culture and has evolved into a regulated sport that many people enjoy watching or participating in.

With the explosion of MMA’s popularity a spotlight shines brightly on the differing arts being used by the MMA fighters. In the past the public could only glean a poor idea of different martial arts from movies, or even worse, video games. Now everyone has their eye on MMA and can observe it, over time, reduce to core, effective, and sometimes devastating techniques.

Many martial arts clubs today now advertise themselves as offering MMA-related classes such as ‘no-gi’ street-clothing wrestling classes, or more generically labelled ‘MMA classes’.

Progressive Martial Arts Academy International and MMA

PMAAI has been teaching no-gi MMA classes for over twenty years. The curriculum draws from a variety of grappling arts; following the JKD concept of absorbing what is useful. We teach Shooto wrestling (the Japanese style of no-gi MMA that was staging world competitions 20 years before the UFC), as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Submission Wrestling, Dan Inosanto and Larry Hartsel Grappling, Silat, and Muay Thai. With a wide range of techniques and ranges to master, the long-qualified instructors create an all-rounded fighter skilled in proven common, and sometimes uncommon, techniques.

In the past PMAAI has battled through pressures to go with only one style and have only one system, but PMAAI is a progressive system that enjoys and employs the most effective techniques from a wide variety of arts to create a well-rounded martial artist who can handle varying situations. The current popularity of MMA and its culture proves with each and every fight the legitimacy of having a broad fighting curriculum, so why not go with instructors who have been in the industry for a long time and have world-renowned sources of knowledge to draw from? Check out the Seminars page for an opportunity to train with some of our favorite instructors.


Above and beyond this are situations involving blunt or bladed weaponry, and PMAAI students are also taught how to manage such potentially deadly situations. PMAAI teaches more than just what MMA has now brought to the public eye, and anyone involved with crowd control and security will more than appreciate that there is more to some conflicts than someone wanting to throw a few punches. Dealing with an aggressor who is brandishing weapons is not something anyone should ever have to deal with, but these situations occur frequently all over the globe. It behooves you to be prepared and skilled so that you can potentially save your life, or that of someone you know or care about.

Personal Training, Endurance, and Overall Fitness

Progressive Strength

Progressive Strength is based in the same building as the Progressive Martial Arts gym and has its own dedicated training area with a variety of personal training tools and equipment. Progressive Strength has many valued clients who also train at Progressive Martial Arts. Aspiring and current fighters from Progressive Martial Arts value and utilize the professional instruction and guidance from Progressive Strength trainers who help build a fighters endurance and strength. Other Progressive Martial Arts students who want personalized focus on their fitness also regularly train at Progressive Strength.

Progressive Strength also has many valued clients who do not train in any martial arts at all and want to focus purely on their health, fitness, strength, and more.

Whether you are looking to invest in your martial arts training, health and fitness, or both, it is all available at the Progressive Martial Arts Academy International headquarters at Tingalpa.

Mini Muscles – Healthy Active Kids

Mini Muscles offers a fun yet disciplined environment for your child to develop self defence skills, strength, motor control, balance and coordination.

Our lessons are focused around Martial Arts, BEASTFIT Kids & Fit Play. Lessons are structured to help with learning new things however these skills are also guided discovery and play orientated to allow your child to develop a broad array of physical attributes and self expression.

The Martial Arts component is focused on self defence and draws from our Muay Thai Kickboxing, CSW wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and basic self defence. The grappling teaches the child escapes from holds and grabs and how to control someone who is trying to strike them.

BEASTFIT Kids involves animal movements that is also combined with kids gymnastics.

We offer a free trial class for you and your child to see what our classes are about.