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Jeet Kune Do Concepts is a registered trademark and is not open for public use. To be an official instructor of Jeet Kune Do Concepts requires a person to be certified as a legitimate Jeet Kune Do Concepts instructor. Only those individuals who have continually maintained their certification under Guro Dan Inosanto are legitimate instructors of Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

We are aware that there are individuals claiming to be J.K.D. instructors or instructors under the Inosanto Academy who have no right to make such bold claims. These individuals are using the J.K.D. Concepts and Inosanto names in an attempt to promote themselves and gain credibility through the use of these names. Some have no training whatsoever, and others have received various degrees of legitimate training as a student but still have no right or claim to represent Jeet Kune Do Concepts or the Inosanto Academy.

There are also individuals who were previously certified but have allowed their training and certification to expire and are no-longer able to teach the curriculum. Unfortunately, there are also individuals who were previously certified but have had their certification revoked through actions unbecoming of someone representing Jeet Kune Do Concepts or the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts.

The following list of people are currently certified instructors under Guro Dan Inosanto who are certified from the Queensland Australia branches of the Inosanto Academy:

Based in Queensland, from PMAAI HQ

  • Cookie Vassiliou
  • Q Vassiliou
  • Kam Aghtan
  • Glen Arnold
  • Michael Balczun
  • Gary Benvenuti
  • Paul Bray
  • Christian Brown
  • Andy Burch
  • Matthew Coates
  • Amanda Coates
  • Todd Davis
  • Andrew Dean
  • James Donnelly
  • Mark Draper
  • Erika Engstrom
  • Ryan Ferguson
  • Stephen Georgiou
  • Tim Hanlon
  • Karl Johnson
  • Tomiah Juhasz
  • Michael Kelly
  • Jack McPherson
  • Chris Kuzewicz
  • Sean Lim
  • Cian Loweke
  • Aldo Massimissa
  • Nicholas Massimissa
  • David Metcalf
  • Rob Mills
  • Jason Morris
  • Laura Jo Morris
  • Monique Mullen
  • Dominique Novac
  • Joe O’Neil
  • Craig Pender
  • Claude Roa
  • Rachael Shaw
  • David Shaw
  • Anthony Sheehy
  • Quinn Sullivan
  • Fernando Uribe
  • Reece Venville
  • Pappy Walters
  • Vaughan Wardlaw
  • Ben Wittkopp

Based in Victoria

Based in Western Australia

  • Josh Bagadiong
  • James Flain
  • Gino Vallelonga
  • Joshua Vallelonga

Based in New Zealand

  • Dave Braty

Based in England

  • David Metcalf

Based in Singapore

  • Kevin Pinkerton

Other Claimants

Individuals who are not listed above may be certified from branches outside of Queensland. If an individual or school is claiming to teach Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Jeet Kune Do, J.K.D., or claims to represent the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts or Progressive Martial Arts Academy International and is not listed above we ask that you please contact us to confirm who these people are and their level of claim, if any, towards representing Jeet Kune Do Concepts, the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, or Progressive Martial Arts Academy International.

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