The History of Progressive Martial Arts

Sunstone Street


Progressive Martial Arts originated in 1989 and was based in a double-garage under a private high-set house in Manly where only 3 mixed classes were held per week. As the club grew and the number of private students increased it became apparent that larger premises were required.

Fox Street


In 1993, a local commercial premise at the Wynnum waterfront became available. With the help of students and family it was transformed into a very comfortable training environment. In December 1993, the new gym was officially opened by Guru Dan Inosanto and Eric Paulson.

Ingleston Road


The club continued to grow. Due to ever-increasing numbers of students the club was finally forced to say goodbye to its former training grounds and seek a location that could accommodate a much larger training space. In 2009 the club closed the doors of the Wynnum waterfront premise and opened the doors to a new Wakerley gym. With a much larger training floor, more punch and kick bag racking, a mini equipment shop, and a separate space dedicated to an on-site Personal Trainer, this new gym was a superb upgrade.

184 New Cleveland Road


With ever-more students attending Progressive Martial Arts and Progressive Strength (formerly Progressive Health & Fitness), the Wakerley gym was farewelled and a new, even larger gym was opened. Despite heavy rain, PMAAI and PS members all came together to relocate equipment and classes began the very next day. Fortunately for all, the new location was only one street away, and now PMAAI is officially in Tingalpa.

180 New Cleveland Road


Now with DOUBLE THE TRAINING AREA! New high quality blue Zebra mats cover the entire training area.
When the unit next door was vacated, Progressive Martial Arts and Progressive Strength jumped at the opportunity to expand even further. Everyone came together and the new location was immediately operational the day after receiving the new keys.

Now, and Into The Future

Cookie, the clubs founder, being an instructor in the JKD, Jun Fan, and Kali under Guro Dan Inosanto has built the club into what it is today. Today the Academy has over 500 students, operates 42 classes a week plus private tuition, and teaches many specialty groups such as the blind, the disabled, the invalid, victims of assault, Police, Navy, and children.

The Academy operates 7 days a week with Sunday catering to Special Forces groups dealing with their specialised training requirements.

Cookie and Q still regularly train with Guro Dan Inosanto, maintaining their core skills and developing further techniques. All students benefit greatly from this always current curriculum, knowledge, and technique base. Students also have the opportunity to train directly under the guidance of Guro Dan Inosanto when he holds seminars at the Progressive Martial Arts Academy.

Progressive Martial Arts is the only place outside of the United States that hosts instructor conferences by Guro Dan Inosanto. In addition to this, each year other esteemed international instructors visit our club and hold intensive seminar sessions for all who are interested. There is always a high level of interest from students throughout Australia.

The Academy is renowned for its openness and friendliness and welcomes anyone who wishes to experience a form of Martial Arts.


Private Lessons Available

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